Backtesting has never been easier or more dynamically connected to what you are seeing on your charts.You simply drag in your BUY/SELL conditions from your existing Blocks charts, and choose how you want to view your results…

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BackScanner rips through stock data at as many as a million+ conditions per second. Instant feedback performance reports steer you down a revolutionary new road in stock market trade testing. What does this mean? It means you can edit your test conditions simply by adjusting a line right on your Blocks chart… so there’s no need to rebuild your strategy just because you want to tweak an indicator setting.

BackScanner works with any and all other products powered by Blocks. So, you can test everything from price data to company fundamentals & statistics, from industries to market indicators – and on any timeframe … daily, monthly, ANYTHING!

Watch the 27-minute Demo Tour Video and compare BackScanner to any other backtesting product:

  • Set up 100% customizable, 100% re-usable conditions with no programming necessary.
  • Scan your conditions through 25 years of history – for one stock at a time or entire WatchLists.
  • Test 3-dimensional sequence patterns & combos often referred to by chartists as "setups."
  • View performance reports by percentage winners, annualized returns and even by BEST PERFORMING SYMBOLS.
  • Browse Historical watchlists! You can view your open positions (charts that passed your buy condition) – for today or for any point back in time.
  • Chart your system returns to compare your trading approach to simple "buy & hold"
  • Yes, it supports short-selling (even in non-bear markets)

Optimize as You Build
As you mold and tweak your conditions, "Winning Percentage" and "Annualized Return" dynamically refresh to help you optimize your system. An on-screen Equity Line makes it easy to see how your system performs against the market and individual stocks at a glance.

View performance reports by summary, trades or actual individual stock results. Trade entries, exits, and performance are clearly highlighted on your charts. You can even sort your charts to put the best individual performers at the top!

SIMPLE the first time you run it
BackScanner is tightly integrated with the free Blocks software for unmatched simplicity. The workflow is remarkably intuitive. Spacebar and click through your performance reports exactly the same way you do through your Blocks watchlists to jump around charts.

"Trade Stops" will single-handedly improve your trading
BackScanner is the first and only system designer that lets you create dynamic exit conditions based on "how the trade is going." We call them "Trade Stops." They determine when to exit a trade based on profits, losses, duration, and indicators derived from the actual trade itself.

If you’re great at picking strong stocks, but can’t seem to nail down profitable exits, BackScanner could change your bottom line forever.

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