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Start with a massive 25 year historical databank stored on your computer for insanely fast processing. It downloads & installs itself when you order service.

Add to it the largest indicator library ever assembled for the stock market – literally thousands of combinations including RANKS, counts, industry groups, earnings power, cash flow, institutional activity, and much, much more. Go to any of our nationwide FREE training classes to learn about our never-before-seen favorites.

  Strategy Trader Quick Facts:
 OneTouch Trading Yes
 Indicator Combinations  1000+
 Chart Fundamentals Yes
 Buy & Sell Strategy Testing Yes
 Years of History  20+
 Build your own Indexes Yes
 Works offline Yes
 Indicator Windows  Unlimited

CREATE & TEST your own trading strategies using the easiest condition editor ever developed. As you tweak your parameters, the chart instantly shows you all simulated ENTRIES & EXITS for the last 25 years! You can use an unlimited number of AND, OR and AND THEN branches and mix and match any types of data and indicators.

You can even view the watchlist that passes your strategy for any point in time … yesterday, last year, or the 1987 crash. This makes it easy to browse the stocks and see how your strategy worked in different market conditions.

As you narrow down your results, OneTouch™ Trading on your chart makes it an absolute breeze to place trades through your TD AMERITRADE account. Your current positions and pending orders are conveniently displayed in real time on your charts for a refreshingly new feeling of total control over your portfolio.

This is all done in the most customizable workspace environment ever created. You can lay out an unlimited number of charts, browsers, tables and tools all wired to work together exactly your way … all on an unlimited number of monitors.

Blocks Strategy Trader is a trading platform that blows away institutional platforms – but it’s priced to launch the small trader ahead of the big guys at $39.99 per month.

Call 1-800-776-4940 or order online to get started right now.

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OneTouch™ Trading

Blocks Mega Minute DVD Pack - Order Now

Streaming Minute Charts
Streaming Mega Minute
Imagine an entire 4 ½ year intraday databank on your hard drive just waiting to be hammered for new opportunities. It should be called the Giga Minute since it takes 20 gigabytes of hard drive space. This is a small price to pay when you consider the ability of Blocks to churn through data and dig out strategies that produce 2 out of 3 winners.

You can install any portion of the databank to your computer, but considering how cheap hard drives are today, you’ll probably choose to put the whole enchilada on your machine.

This is only the beginning.

The entire databank streams in REAL TIME for all 7,000+ stocks and indexes simultaneously.

   Mega Minute Quick Facts:
 Real-time via broadband Yes
 Simultaneous Symbol Limit  None
 Years of minute data  4 1/2
 Intraday Testing Yes
 Real-Time Sorting Yes
 OneTouch™ Trading Yes

This is all done over a STANDARD Internet connection. To make sure you understand correctly – there are NO SYMBOL LIMITS.

You can RANK, SCAN, TEST & SORT the ENTIRE stock market in STREAMING real time.

You need to go to one of our nationwide training classes to believe the power you now have as an individual investor. Our class has been voted #1 by the readers of Stocks & Commodities for three different years including 2007. The brand new designed class blows away the old award winning class.

Even if you are a money manager, it will be a mind changing experience.

Call 1-800-776-4940 or order online  to have your Mega Minute DVD shipped today.

Whoops – almost forgot the price. Should set you back thousands, but it’s only $49.99 monthly or $499.90 for an entire year (effectively less than $42 per month). Real time exchange fees run under $10 per month. You get everything – the entire 20 gigabyte historical databank and streaming updates for the entire market for an entire year. And it all seamlessly works with Blocks Strategy Trader.

Blocks Fund Investor Pack - Order Now

  Fund Investor Quick Facts:
 Fund Count  20,000+
 Fund Families Yes
 Fund Categories Yes
 Chart Funds w/ Stocks Yes
 Test just like stocks Yes

It might seem like overkill to pound on mutual fund data, but why wouldn’t you squeeze every possible bit of profit out of your investments. Especially when it’s only $14.99 monthly or $149.90 per year. It doesn’t take much to make that back 10 times over – especially when Blocks munches through over 20,000 mutual funds organized by categories & families. And yes – they are all stored on your computer for true power testing. There’s no reason to hold back just because they are funds.

Schedule a trip to one of our FREE nationwide training classes today. If you need to start now, we understand. Call 1-800-776-4940  or order online to dive into the best mutual fund testing today.

Write your own Visual and C# code inside the Blocks 2.0 Software

Write in VB.Net or C#
Write in VB.Net or C#
If you demand total control of your data processing needs, the Blocks technology is limitless in expandability and customization. There is absolutely nothing you cannot accomplish by writing your own CodeBlocks which automatically become available to all your Blocks products and services.

You can actually write, edit and compile real Microsoft code right inside the Blocks Software. You do not need Microsoft Visual Studio. But you still get access to Microsoft’s enormous .Net framework of classes and functions.

Keep in mind – this is not limiting and S L O W script language programming. This is true compiled Microsoft code that you can seamlessly add yourself into the Blocks software … and it’s lightning fast.

The most amazing part of all – as you edit your code, the changes take place in real time before your eyes!

If you understand basic programming concepts such as IF THEN, FOR NEXT and DIM N AS INTEGER = 5 … you will ramp up instantly.